Course curriculum

  • 1

    Phase I: Audience-Centered Planning + Brainstorming

    • What’s at the root of the boring data presentation epidemic

    • Learn to be your AUDIENCE to build a needs-based presentation

    • How to craft recommendations that inspire ACTION

    • POP QUIZ: Test out your new presentation planning knowledge!

  • 2

    Phase II: Use Your Presentation Tools Wisely

    • The key to presentation simplicity is cutting the clutter

    • Why bullet points are killing your presentation (and what to use instead)

    • The Do's and Doh-n'ts of using presentation imagery

  • 3

    PHASE III: Maximize the Absorption of Your Data Visuals

  • 4

    Phase IV: Deliver Your Insights Like a TED Speaker

    • How you'll defeat the Four Dark Horsemen of the Present-pocalypse

    • 3 annoying speech patterns to listen for and refine

  • 5

    How to Get the Full Blueprint

    • Take your data presentation impact to the next level